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Electronic Toll Collection SoCs
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  • Complete all-in-one SoC for ETCS, in which 5.8GHz RF, DSRC modem, and MCU are fully integrated
  • Provides functions and performance compliant to the Korean DSRC standard
  • Fast locking time of under 18us
  • Automatic temperature calibration for output power and sensitivity using internal temperature sensor
  • Optimized for the lowest BOM, where no external IF SAW filter required
  • On-chip ARM926EJ of 160MHz
  • On-chip SRAM of 1Mbits
  • Supports SDRAM and NAND/NOR flash memory interface.
  • Supports smart card interface (ISO7816)
  • Supports USB 1.1 full speed interface
  • Supports 16-bit sound DAC and two channel 8-bit ADC
  • Supports UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, GPIO and JTAG interfaces
  • Supports SDK(Software Development Toolkit) by which users can easily develop their own DSRC applications