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Single-Chip SSDs / eMMC / UFS
FerriSSD® / Ferri-eMMC® / Ferri-UFS™
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  • High-Efficiency Error Correction
    - Advanced Hardware BCH Error Correcting Code (ECC) Engine
    - StaticDataRefresh™ and EarlyRetirement™ technologies ensure the data reliability
  • Advanced Global Wear Leveling
    - Even distribution of program/erase cycles across all NAND flash chips
    - Maximizes the usage lifespan with low Write Amplification Index (WAI)
  • Robust Data Protection
    - Advanced system level protection against unstable power
    - Software/hardware write protect option
    - Multiple user data security zones
    - Software/hardware secure erase function
    - PowerShield™ and DataPhoenix™ technologies prevent data corruption in case of sudden power lost