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USB/Network Display Solution
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  • USB 3.0 Client Interface – PLX Tech USB3380 USB 3.0 Bridge to PCIe
  • SM750 Multimedia Graphics Integrated with 16MB Internal Video DDR Memory
  • Cost-Effective Multi-Display Support
  • Dual CRT 300 MHz DAC for Display Resolution up to 1920 x 1080
  • HDMI/DVI Output from 24-bit DVO Interface
  • Software Support: WinXP, Win7, Win2008 Server (32-bit / 64-bit), Linux
  • Low power Consumption: Dual Display: < 4W (max); Single Display: < 2W (max)


  • USB 3.0 Hub Controller Connects up to four USB peripherals:
    - USB 3.0 port for PCIe bridge
    - Two external USB ports for keyboard, mouse, or other device
    - On-board USB audio, or (w/o audio) option for a third external USB port
  • USB 3.0-to-PCIe bridge from PLX Tech: USB3380
  • SM750 graphics with 16MB integrated video memory
  • Audio Support: Stereo audio output, Microphone or audio line input and Solid State System SSS1629 USB 2.0 audio codec
  • Power Connector for External 5V Power Supply
  • Software Support: WinXP 32-bit/Win7/2008 R2/Win8, WMS, Linux OS Ubuntu drivers, Linux Userful Multi-Seat Server