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USB/Network Display Solution
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Silicon Motion offers two USB 3.0 display solutions- LynxUSB and LynxUSB+.

LynxUSB is a USB 3.0 multimedia display adapter, designed to address the emerging needs for extended desktop, multiple, or remote displays by providing video graphics display over USB 3.0 interface from a host computer. Featuring dual display outputs (analog RGB + HDMI/DVI) and USB 3.0 client interface, the LynxUSB offers a power-efficient and high performance dual display solution to improve system cost and application performance for time-to-market USB display products through high-level integration and advanced techniques.

LynxUSB+ is a USB3.0 zero client reference design kit solution, designed for a client connecting to a host server computer through the USB3.0 interface. Featuring Silicon Motion SM750 GPU, dual analog RGB and digital HDMI/DVI display outputs are provided for enhanced display options. With greater flexibility and security, LynxUSB+ offers USB ports for various user I/O peripheral supports including keyboard, mouse, audio, and other devices.