eMMC Memory in 100-ball BGA

Ferri-eMMC™ is the latest member of our proud Ferri family, which leverages Silicon Motion’s industry leading technologies and experience in NAND flash controllers, along with the highly integrated Multi-Chip Package (MCP) solution from the Ferri family.

Ferri-eMMC™ is designed optimally for a wide range of embedded applications and is fully compliant to the industrial standard eMMC/JEDEC 4.5 protocol. With the 100-ball BGA, 1.0mm pitch package design, Ferri-eMMC™ provides more flexible PCB design and low-cost manufacturing. Inheriting the best technology from the Ferri family, Ferri-eMMC™ features advanced NAND management features such as error correction, bad block management, and health monitoring, enabling Ferri-eMMC™ to deliver the most robust data integrity and protection in the market.

With high reliability NAND management and customizable firmware design, Ferri-eMMC™ is the ultimate non-volatile storage for today’s cutting edge industrial embedded applications.

Block Diagram


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