InstantView™ Enables USB Docking Station to Plugin-and-display!

Enlarge Your Screen to Learn / Work from Home!

Docking stations with InstantView™ driverless technology

Accell K31G2-001B Driver-Less USB Docking Station
WavLink WL-UG76PD2 USB-C 4K Dual Display Universal Docking Station with Power Delivery

Silicon Motion provides InstantView™ docking technology that let users mirror the screen of any laptop, ChromeBook or Android phone to a larger screen without downloading a driver, providing the optimal Plugin-and-Display docking experience for working from home or from office, hotels and conference rooms. With instantView™, users don’t need to install drivers or have administrator privilege on laptop or smartphone for displays. And it works with any type of USB including Type-C, Type-A and ThunderBolt. InstantView™ has dummy proof, intuitive user interface, maximizing the user experience for USB docking stations.

3 steps to initiate InstantView™ to display

There are only three simple steps to initiate InstantView™ to display on the monitor. First, connect the docking station to the laptop via USB cable and InstantView™ APP will pop up automatically. Second, click InstantView™ APP, and it will enable external displays immediately.

Easy to use – Auto detecting

After the initial set up, the InstantView™ application resides on the laptop. When a dock is plugged in every time, it will automatically enable the monitor to display the laptop screen without any user intervention. Users can also press the ”Disconnect” or “Connect” button anytime to turn off or on monitors and projectors. InstantView app also provides intuitive guidance if user doesn’t connect monitor or docking properly.

Multi-function to display

InstantView™ support both Mirrored and Extended display in macOS. For Windows extended display, just one click and InstantView™ will help install the driver transparently within 10 seconds. It runs in a seamless transition. Users won’t be troubled about where to find and download driver anymore.

Self-maintained – automatically check for updates

InstantView™ can automatically check for updates. It will update the InstantView™ application and also update the display driver if installed in the system. The firmware in the docking station will also be automatically updated. It maintains your docking station, and always keeps it running at a top condition. Users no longer need to worry about new OS release breaking their docking stations!

InstantView™ supports Windows laptops, MacBook and Chromebook . It can also be connected to Android smartphones. With InstantView, you can easily mirror the screen of your Android phone to TV for entertaining when you work from home. This capability maximizes the benefits of cutting edge 5G smartphones.

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