USB Display / Docking Station SoC

Silicon Motion's SM768 USB display /docking station SoC enables multiple displays up to 4K ultra high definition through USB interface. Target applications include USB universal docking stations/adapters used in office, working from home, conference room, classroom or hotel.

With Silicon Motion's InstantView® technology, users of docking stations can instantly mirror their computer screen to any external displays without the need to install a display driver. Docking stations based on the SM768 solution combine high graphics performance with low CPU loading and low power consumption. The CAT™ (Content Adaptive Technology) compression technology offers a high compression ratio while maintaining great image/video quality.

Silicon Motion provides reference designs that help manufacturers reduce development time and shorten their time-to-market. Silicon Motion also provides all turn-key software for customers. SW is compatible with major OS including Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Android and Linux.

Embedded GPU

Silicon Motion offers GPU for embedded and consumer applications, such as Industrial PCs, Servers, Video Wall controllers, Point-of-sale terminals, Medical equipment, Factory Human-Machine-Interface and Digital signage.

Our embedded GPU products are packaged in multi-chip modules (MCM) with embedded DDR memory to maximize cost effectiveness, minimize power consumption, and ensure prolonged device longevity. The integration of graphics fundamentals provides our products with outstanding reliability and flexibility to address the requirements of a broad range of applications.

Additionally, our embedded GPU products are designed to meet the needs of vertical markets that require flexible bus interface with a wide range of embedded microprocessors, such as x86, XScale, ARM, MIPS, Renesas SH, and PowerPC. To help reduce total system costs and maximize capability in interfacing with a wide variety of external devices, our products can manage many types of I/O interfaces, including analog RGB and digital LCD panel interfaces, HDMI, VGA, PCIe, USB, UART, AC97/I2S, Zoom Video, PWM, SSP, and GPIO. Our rich software drivers and SDK tools can simplify customer development and deployment.

For more about Silicon Motion's videos, please link to SMI's Youtube Channel.


  • CPU: ARM Cortex R5 Processor
  • GPU: 128-bit 2D Graphics engine supports HW cursor, video overlay, and alpha blending
  • System interface: USB 3.0 Device or PCI-E Gen2 x1/x2 lanes
  • 2x independent display channels in a single chip
  • CAT (Content Adaptive Technology) to accelerate USB display by adaptive compression algorithms
  • Display Resolution up to
    ・4K (3840x2160)@30Hz
    ・HD(1920x1080) & 2K @60Hz
  • Embedded 1x HDMI v1.4 transmitter supporting HDCP
  • Dual CRT 350MHz DAC RGB outputs
  • Dual-channel LVDS
  • Dual digital 24-bit RGB/TTL video output
  • Hardware Accelerated Video Decoder: H.264, MPEG 2/4, MJPEG, etc.
  • Option to embed 256MB DDR3 in a single package (MCM). Support external DDR up to 1GB
  • I2S for Audio support
  • Dual I2C and SPI
  • Two ZV ports to capture incoming video from cameras or other devices
  • Software Support
    ・Windows 7/8/10/11 & Servers, 32-bit, and 64-bit
    ・macOS X
    ・Linux OS(Ubuntu, RedHat, SUSE, etc)


CAT™ (Content Adaptive Technology)

Silicon Motion's CAT™(Content Adaptive Technology) uses multiple image/video processing algorithms to compress display data and minimize bandwidth usage. At the same time, CAT uses minimal host CPU usage to achieve low latency and high-quality displays.

By offloading much of the compression work to a hardware accelerator, the CAT technology both runs faster and imposes less loading on the CPU. As will be shown later, this helps the SM768 to achieve very low CPU loading.


Enabling USB docking station Plugin and Display

Silicon Motion has developed new InstantView software application that seamlessly configures the host content for viewing on any display, with no need for display drivers installation.

Instantview Logo
Instantview Screen

The InstantView software supports instant screen mirroring to displays. The software also supports Extended Display option. Whether the user chooses the mirrored or extended display option, the entire display operation is controlled via the intuitive and user-friendly InstantView user interface. And eliminates the need for IT support call.

The InstantView application will remain running on the host computer to enable truly plugin and display user experience. InstantView will automatically update itself when newer version becomes available. And will also update firmware on the docking/adapters to keep your device always running at top condition. Learn more about InstantView

InstantView User Guide

InstantView User Guide for Windows
InstantView User Guide for macOS

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