We live in a world where vast amounts of data are created at an accelerating rate from a proliferation of digital sources. This explosion of data flows through different storage catchments in ecosystems that include computing devices, the edge and cloud as data is generated, transmitted, analyzed and consumed. Silicon Motion works with a wide-range of technology partners by providing silicon and software controller solutions—currently mostly controllers for SSDs used primarily in PCs and data centers and eMMC/UFS controllers used mainly in smartphones—to address the challenges of managing the storage of data from our expanding digital universe. As a corporate citizen with a growing global presence, we are committed to environmental sustainability, operational excellence and supporting our employees and communities around the world.

Silicon Motion fully supports the vision and goals of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), and has adopted RBA's Code of Conduct in creating sustainable value for workers, the environment and our business and in collaborating with suppliers and stakeholders to improve working and environmental conditions by adhering to industry leading standards and practices.