UFS Controllers

Silicon Motion's UFS controllers are ideal solutions for embedded UFS, UMCP, and UFS card using 3D NAND. Universal Flash Storage (UFS) is the latest generation standard of electrical interface and device for mobile applications defined by JEDEC. The UFS features serial link-based MIPI M-PHY interface and SCSI architecture model (SAM) which enable high-performance storage access, energy-efficient, and ease of adoption.

Silicon Motion's UFS controllers feature the latest UFS 3.1 standard with the full support of MIPI M-PHY 4.1 and UniPro 1.8. Inherited from our widely adopted eMMC controllers, SMI's UFS controller supports various 3D flash by leading NAND flash makers with highly integrated firmware and hardware controller design and delivers flagship-level performance and highly reliable total solution.

To build a UFS ecosystem, Silicon Motion also provides USB to UFS bridge controller, SM3350. 

USB to UFS Bridge Controller

Silicon Motion's USB-to-UFS bridge controller can easily support UFS card or embedded UFS through the device's USB port. Compliant with JEDEC UFS 2.1 standard and USB 3.1 Specification, the controller features MIPI M-PHY HS-Gear3 single lane at 5.8Gbps and USB 3.1 SuperSpeed up to 5Gbps.

Silicon Motion's USB-to-UFS bridge controller incorporates high-performance bus architecture, which delivers the full bandwidth from the latest high-performance UFS devices. With the standard USB storage protocol, the controller can be supported by most of the operating system drivers without installing extra software. Moreover, it also supports the SD UHS-I card and eMMC4.5 HS200 interface for backward compatibility.


UFS Controllers

  • Latest UFS 3.1 standard with MIPI M-PHY 4.1 up to HS-Gear 4 / UniPro 1.8 
  • NAND support: ONFI 3.x / Toggle 2.0
  • Superior optimization for performance booster
  • Excellent energy efficiency with in-house M-PHY design
  • Proprietary RAID technology for 3D NAND

USB to UFS Bridge Controllers

  • SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Specification Rev. 1.0
    ・In-house Designed USB PHY supports SS/HS Signaling up to 5Gbps
    ・USB Mass Storage Class BOT Rev. 1.0
  • Universal Flash Storage Card Extension, Ver 1.1
    ・Supports UFS 2.1
    ・In-house Designed MIPI M-PHY up to HS-Gear 3 x 1 lane, 5.8Gbps
  • Supports SD UHS-I (Ultra High-Speed Phase I) Card interface
  • Supports eMMC 4.5 host interface (up to HS200@8-bit)

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