Silicon Motion Leverages the industry leading technologies and experiences in NAND flash memory controller along with Multi-Chip Package (MCP) solution to introduce Ferri Family, including FerriSSD®, Ferri-eMMC® and Ferri-UFS®.


Industrial / Automotive UFS Memory

Ferri-UFS®is a highly integrated solution which combines a feature-wise flash controller compliant with the latest UFS 2.2/3.1 standard and standard NAND flash memory. Its high-performance storage accessing, better power efficiency, and ease of system design make the Ferri-UFS® a fabulous solution for automotive, industry, embedded and portable applications.

The Ferri-UFS® leverages industry leading technology and experience in NAND management, and supports the UFS 3.1 advanced features such as HS-Gear4 x 2-lane mode and command queue. With extended temperature and various capacity support, offering easy and rapid design integration, the Ferri-UFS also ideally fits the requirements of point-of-sale terminals, networking, and telecommunications equipment, and a variety of leading-edge industrial applications. With superior performance, multitasking support, and high stability, the Ferri-UFS® can seamlessly serve the needs of a wide variety of mobile devices and new booming embedded/portable applications.

Embedded applications using eMMC today can migrate to Ferri-UFS® for higher performance and capacity options. Additionally, Ferri-UFS® can be customized via firmware for specific features and applications.

As the world's leading NAND controller vendor, Silicon Motion builds its products to the highest quality and reliability standards – backed by outstanding sales and technical support from design through post-production. Silicon Motion's commitment to automotive and industrial quality is fully incorporated throughout the design, manufacturing, and qualification phases of its Ferri-UFS® products.

Ferri Family Enabling the NAND Flash Storage in Comprehensive Applications


High-Efficiency Error Correction
  • Advanced Hardware LDPC (ECC) Engine
  • StaticDataRefresh™ and EarlyRetirement™ technologies ensure the data reliability
Power Efficiency
  • Dynamic power management technology enables multiple power-saving modes
Advanced Global Wear Leveling to Enhance Reliability
  • Even distribution of program / erase cycles across all NAND flash chips
  • Maximizes the lifespan with low Write Amplification Index (WAI)
Robust Data Protection
  • Advanced system-level protection against unstable power
  • Software / hardware write protect option
  • Multiple user data security zones
  • Software / hardware secure erase function
  • PowerShield and DataPhoenix technologies prevent data corruption in case of sudden power lost


IntelligentScan™ and DataRefresh™ to Enhance Data Retention in High Temperature Environment

Silicon Motion's proprietary IntelligentScan function will activate automatically to scan recharge, repair or retire the cell block (DataRefresh) according to the host behavior and working environment (eg. ambient temperature). As a result of the combination of IntelligentScan and DataRefresh, Ferri-UFS® can effective prolong its service life much beyond typical NAND specifications.


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icon-Gaming Gaming
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icon-Factory-Automation/HMI Factory Automation/HMI
icon-Industrial-Handheld-Device Industrial Handheld Device
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