Driving Automotive Innovation

The industry is rapidly transforming with technology driving innovation, automotive standards shaping requirements, and consumer preferences changing demands. Since the car on the road is now its own data center, the need for data storage has grown exponentially — and so has the role of NAND flash to support mission-critical functions in automotive applications and entertainment features.

For future autonomous driving, the demand for fast, high-capacity storage propels the development of embedded products along with the requirement for a higher-end transmission system and a larger storage unit.

As electronic content becomes a larger and larger part of the vehicle, storage technologies employing NAND flash must be able to ensure optimized performance, reliability, and longevity. Silicon Motion provides dependable high-performance automotive-grade storage solutions, including controllers and single-chip solutions for in-vehicle infotainment, navigation, ADAS, DVR, and autonomous driving applications.

NAND Storage Products for Automotive Applications

With over 20 years of experience in developing specialized processor ICs that manage NAND components, our expertise delivers best-in-class automotive-grade storage solutions.

Storage for Automotive-Grade Standards

Dedicated Automotive Service and Quality Support

AEC-Q100 Grade 3/2

ISO 26262

Supplier chain certification by IATF 16949

ASPICE certification

All of our automotive-grade flash products undergo rigorous testing to meet the qualifications that the industry and our customers demand, including AEC-Q100 compliance, ISO 26262, supplier chain certification by IATF 16949 certification, and ASPICE compliance SW development process. In addition, Silicon Motion provides product supply longevity to reduce costs for additional qualifications.

Our Automotive Storage Portfolio

Silicon Motion's automotive storage eMMC, UFS, auto-grade SSD controller, and automotive removable storage device have emerged in the automotive storage market.


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