The demands of consumer and industrial/embedded computing are constantly evolving and intensifying, now more than ever, with the exploding demand for AI-assisted functionality. Silicon Motion's client SSD turnkey solutions cover the spectrum of performance, cost, and form factors.

Our controllers are proven with various interfaces, from SATA 3 to PCIe/NVMe, and the latest 3D NAND (QLC NAND) Flash from all major memory-chip manufacturers. As the first to support QLC NAND, our controllers offer unparalleled power efficiency and performance, making them ideal for data-intensive edge AI workloads. Supported by a robust suite of controller firmware, they empower our customers to bring advanced new SSD products to market quickly and efficiently.


PCIe Gen4 Controller Family

Our PCIe Gen4 controller family harnesses cutting-edge technology and innovative hardware features to deliver genuine Gen4 performance with low power consumption. These controllers are equipped with advanced error correction and provide robust data paths and EMI protection. Meeting stringent OEM requirements for data security and power management, our Gen4 SSD controllers significantly reduce power consumption while incorporating pioneering hardware features such as the HMB (Host Memory Buffer) function. These controllers are integrated into OEM SSDs and incorporated into PC and Notebook products from renowned brands.


PCIe Gen5 Controller Family

Our PCIe Gen5 Client SSD Controller, designed for AI-capable PC notebooks, delivers unparalleled performance and power efficiency, achieving up to 70% better efficiency compared to competitors. Compliant with PCIe Gen5 and NVMe 2.0 standards, it supports the latest ONFI/Toggle 5.0 NAND flash interfaces and is compatible with the latest 3D TLC/QLC NAND technologies, catering to the high-density, high-performance storage demands of next-generation AI PCs.

1ˢᵗ PCIe Gen5 Client SSD Controller

PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD Controller Double-up the Fast Speed

 PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD Controller Double-up the Fast Speed

Breakthrough Power Efficiency

Breakthrough Power Efficiency

Ultra-High Speed
  • PCIe Gen5 x4
  • NVMe 2.0
  • Qual-core ARM R8 CPU
  • 8 NAND channels @3,600 MT/s
Lower Power Consumption
  • 3.5W (Max.) in Active mode
  • <2.0mW in PS4 state
  • TSMC 6nm Process Technology
Enhanced Security
  • Secure Boot with eFuse for FW authentication
  • Built-in AES 128/256 Encryption
  • TCG Opal 2.0 compliant
Data Integrity
  • HMB data path protection
  • SRAM ECC & CRC32
  • 8th NANDXtend® 4KB LDPC Engine

PC OEM SSD Verification Process

Compliance with Intel Athena Project

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  • High performance flash memory controller with 4-CH/8-CH flash interface
  • Supports PCIe Gen5 x4 NVMe 2.0, Gen4 x4, Gen3 x4 NVMe 1.4 and SATA 6Gb/s
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • End-to-End data path protection 
  • Proprietary NANDXtend® error-correcting and data protection technology 
  • The latest security protocols, including AES 256, Trusted Computing Group (TCG), and Opal full-drive encryption compliant
  • Global wear-leveling to extend the product life cycle
  • Flexible flash memory configuration 
  • Enhanced ESD design
  • Internal voltage detection circuitry
  • Available in commercial and industrial-grade



8th Generation NANDXtend® ECC Technology supporting current and future 3D TLC and QLC NAND

More Reliable, Efficient and Power-saving ECC technology with Innovative 4K+LDPC engine for the latest and next-generation 3D TLC and QLC NAND
NANDXtend® is an advanced firmware technology exclusively developed by Silicon Motion to meet the design requirements of SSDs with 3D NAND. Combined with LDPC (low-density parity-check), RAID Data Recovery correction technologies, the NANDXtend® three-level error correction algorithm can decode in parallel and correct errors with precision and at high speed. Together, these technologies extend the P/E cycle performance of 3D NAND, prolonging the SSD's lifespan and ensuring data integrity.

The new generation NANDXtend® includes a performance-optimized 4KB LDPC engine with an advanced firmware algorithm that delivers higher power efficiency, decoding efficiency, and correction capability to maintain consistent data throughout and provide a better user experience, even as error bits increase throughout the product lifecycle of NAND flash. 

End to End Data Path Protection

Silicon Motion's SSD controller solutions incorporate full data error detection with recovery engines to provide enhanced data integrity throughout the entire Host-to-NAND-to-Host data path. The data recovery algorithm can effectively detect any error in the SSD data path, including hardware (i.e. ASIC) errors, firmware errors, and memory errors arising in SRAM, DRAM, or NAND.

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